Andy Ferrington Photography | Vietnam

Vietnam… ask anyone the very first thing that they think of when this name is mentioned and 90% of them will say ‘the WAR’. I too am guilty of this, up until about a month ago. Now, utter the word Vietnam to me, and I immediately think of one of the most incredible countries I have been fortunate enough visit. Stunning scenery, from beaches to jungles, genuine and incredibly welcoming people, all with a story to tell whilst wearing a welcoming smile, yes a formidable history, but an exciting future. This is Vietnam…. the Country NOT the war… So once again I’m unpacking a suitcase and stuffing a few things into the rucksack, the destination: Ho Chi Minh City, previously Saigon, a blank itinerary with 2 weeks to get from the Southern Mekong Delta 1400 miles North to Sapa… by any means.
Hoi-An-LanternsVietnam Street FoodWar MuseumTo Document A WarAuto-Rickshaw-HanoiBanana-BikeBamboo-ForestBike-StandBubblesChina-TownCycle-Rickshaw-Hanoi.NEFDreamy-ForestFabricsForbidden-Purple-CityGreen-KarstsForbidden-City-HueForbidden-Purple-City-2Ha-Long-Bay-BoatsHa-Long-Bay-CaveHa-Long-Bay-Panoramic