Andy Ferrington Photography | North America

My very first trip. A Wellsway school expedition back in 2003.
I had just left school at 16, and joined the school expedition team with World Challenge Expeditions (WCE). We spent 4 weeks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. In both Alberta and British Columbia.
One week was spent as volunteers in the Jasper National Park, working on various conservation initiatives and projects.
We then spent a weeks wilderness trekking in the 'Kananaskis Country' National Park.
Before the ultimate final week where we spent a week canoeing the 'Bowron Lake' circuit. Truly incredible.
Canoeing through some of Canada's finest lakes and rivers, witnessing Bald Eagles fishing, Grizzly Bears and forest Fires.
To top it all off there was still white water rafting go try and a few days chilling in Calgary City.


"Well the south side of Chicago, is the badest part of town, and if you go down there then you better just be 'ware of a man called Leroy Brown" !!

This February was the excuse for a week in Chicago. Trying to capture that atmosphere of winter in the north American city. Steaming drain covers, snow piled street gutters, yellow cabs and a Starbucks on every corner…
The Hidden WaterfallSmoke on the WaterLake ViewLower Kananaskis LakeDriftwood BeachThe Rocky Mountain ExpressChicago Fire DepartmentA Cold Morning RunSummit DayCity Steam RoomA Cold WalkHighway-OverpassThat Red CarCity ScapePlease Mind the GapOffice ViewsA Cold Dark SunsetNavy PierSears Tower