Andy Ferrington Photography | Latin America
Inca 33: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia & Chile:

After leaving school with A Levels I took a Gap Year and headed off travelling for 5 months around South America.
I was part of a Venture Co Team, where we spent the first 3 weeks in Quito, Ecuador, learning and studying Spanish.
We then moved to the coast of Ecuador, to a rural town of Puerto Lopez and Agua Blanca. There we undertook a voluntary conservation and community project for 4 weeks. Living in the village, clearing a trail through arid jungle, building signs, teaching the locals English and looking after the local children.

From there onwards it was 3 months back-packing from Ecuador into Peru, through down to Northern Chile before retuning north again through the Atacama Desert into Bolivia. Into the Amazon basin to one of the highest Cities in one of the worlds poorest countries. Then returning once again to Peru to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu… still to this day the most awesome experience of my life (so far?)
Lastly I spent 2 weeks Ice Climbing in Peru's truly awesome Cordillera Blanca mountain range. Bagging 3 summits and a top altitude of 6040m (19,816 feet).

The South America trip is too huge to write about here. I hope to add a more detailed description in the Travel Blog at some point. The stories are too numerous to start writing….


Back in May I spent a little over a week travelling solo through south eastern Mexico's Yucatan State. All though I have spent a fair bit of time in South America this was my first trip to central Latin America.
I went alone back packing, meeting some great people along the way.

I kicked it all off in Merida, exploring its colonial streets and plazas before the hustle and bustle of the famous Chichen Itza, Mayan Ruins. Also taking the time to visit Uxmal and Kabah.
From there I took a bus to Campeche. A beautiful Gulf Coast fortified town with a violet Pirate dominated past!
Travelling on south I headed into the jungles of Palenque, sleeping in Cabanas, surrounded by Howler monkeys, and visiting the vast lost Mayan City jungle temples.
Returning to the north through Villahermosa I finished my brief trip in Mexico City. Braving the adrenaline rush one gets from riding Mexico's Sub-way, and enjoying the Mexican sun in this massive cities main plazas and stunning parks.
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