Andy Ferrington Photography | From the Flightdeck

As an Airline Pilot I am extremely lucky to have one of the best "offices" in the world.

More often than not I will have my camera with me. It is important to note that all images are taken at safe and convenient points in the flight and only for brief moments, a lot are also taken from the 'jumpseat' (a third and spare observers seat in-between the two pilots).

This gallery is a selection of some of my best shots taken from the airways over Europe, from night flying, sunsets and sunrises to detail shots of the instrumentation.
Alpine MistAlpine MistAlpine MistAlpine MistTrans AlpineAlpine MistRays of LightAlpine MistAlpine MistAlpine MistAlpine MistAlpine MistAlpine MistFrom the FlightdeckDublin BayCloud CeilingThe PeaksChannel CrossingInto the BlueThe North Sea