Andy Ferrington Photography | An Evening with 'Foreign Affairs'

An Evening with 'Foreign Affairs'

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Introducing "Foreign Affairs" - an incredibly talented new band from Keynsham, Bristol...




Foreign Affairs are an Indie/Folk Band. Their core, being two brothers from the South-West. Their catchy music infuses the best of English folk, American Country and modern Pop.


Foreign-Affairs-16Lawrence Purnell (Lead Vocals, Keys and Guitar) Lawrence Purnell (Lead Vocals, Keys and Guitar) Adam Purnell (Guitar, Harmonica and percussion)Adam Purnell (Guitar, Harmonica and percussion)

A Band of Brothers,

Adam Purnell - Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion
Lawrence Purnel - Lead Vox, Piano, Percussion



These guys are fantastic. I've heard all of their songs 100 times... either from my Mum in the kitchen while preparing the Sunday roast, or from my brothers iMac while he edits their latest video. But finally I was at home in Bristol when they were playing a live gig in the Louisiana AND I had my camera with me. So the band asked me to come along and take a few snaps...




I didn't know about the gig until I was already home. I was a little stuck, as if I had known I would have brought a 50mm f1.8 fast prime lens. And with no flash gun I had to make do with the Nikon 24-120mm. As you may know from previous posts, I LOVE this lens, but its not quite what you want in a dark music gig. f4 just isn't enough, its workable... these are all pushed to ISO 2500, and with the VR making shots usable down to 1/30th it did the job.


Foreign-Affairs-19Foreign-Affairs-19 Foreign-Affairs-1Foreign-Affairs-1 Foreign-Affairs-2Foreign-Affairs-2

The gig was in the famous Louisiana, one of Bristols biggest names in music. Not a huge venue, it creates a special intimate and unique atmosphere and superb acoustics. The Louisiana claims fame to some of the biggest names in the industry. It has launched start-up bands to the top and beyond! It truly is one of THE places to play in Bristol, previous bands you may just of heard of all started playing here before they hit the big time... Muse, Kings of Leon, White Stripes, Bloc Party, Coldplay, The Libertines, The Strokes…


While everyone else enjoyed a pint downstairs in the pub, the band were doing their sound checks, and asked me to come on up and grab a few shots...

Foreign-Affairs-5Foreign-Affairs-5 Foreign-Affairs-20Foreign-Affairs-20


With some seriously cool orange back lighting, and a great chance to preview their set and new single! But man was I crying out for a fast and sharp prime lens....

We tried a few profile shots, but not really great results without a flash (which was in Dublin...)


Foreign-Affairs-8Foreign-Affairs-8 Foreign-Affairs-9Foreign-Affairs-9


After a trip to the bar, the gig kicked off. And joining the audience I found a great spot at the back... as (rather strangely) the audience decided to all sit on the floor... great for photos! And then the music started... and just as I grabbed one shot they all stood up...

As it turned out, the band actually asked if I could get some shots with the audience, so this was perfect. Coloured back-lighting on the stage and silhouettes of the audience in a live and intimate gig. Perfect.



Then, of course, no sooner had I got used to the exposures and colour balance for the bright orange back-lighting... it changed....


Then it changed again....

Foreign-Affairs-13Foreign-Affairs-13 Foreign-Affairs-14Foreign-Affairs-14


...and then their Mum took a photo....




But this is all well and good, but what do they sound like?

Well, the band have all the social media channels (which I will link below, PLEASE take 2 seconds to LIKE and SHARE anything you can. I would really appreciate it, and I know they will of course be very grateful) and they have some super cool videos. What's more, most of their videos are the work of my brother, Matt. He is a self-taught film maker, and has been working with Foreign Affairs for a few years now. He has filmed and recorded a great deal of their work on his Canon 7D (and new 5D Mk2!), travelled on the road with them and been at most gigs and concerts (including Glastonbury by the way!).

So Matt is the video man. And my personal favourite video AND song is called "Dead to You". The guys filmed it in Brussels in ONE weekend. Matt edited it up on his iMac within the following weeks, and it is now available to download as a single on itunes, and video online (with many more...) on their YouTube page.






Thank you to Foreign Affairs for giving me exclusive backstage previews of your work and for being so cool with the camera. The very best of luck to you and your amazing music! Keep up the great work.


Please like, share AND most importantly... ENJOY their music!!


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