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Burma Photos and New Services Now Online!

May 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This was the one I've been waiting for. Burma (Myanmar), one of THE best trips I have made in recent years. Burma is one of those special countries that will never fail to inspire and excite even the most well travelled of people. From its amazing people to its thousands of temples. Whether you do it in 5* luxury or winging it with the backpack, or like us, somewhere in between. This country is impossible to summarise in one album. But I have cut my images from our 3 week trip down to a manageable 100 (ish). And I am delighted to announce that they are now online, for viewing, sharing and printing.




What's more, with Burma being such a paradise for the adventurous photographer, I have added several shots to my Portfolio from this trip. It's been a tough decision working through the images, and pulling out those special shots, and those which hopefully tell more of a story than your average Ikea canvas.

Over the coming months I will endeavour to write down a lot of my experiences and travels around Burma. Albeit in a Blog for now, but over time I plan to pull all the stories and places together. Who knows what I will do with it all, but I wish to be able to tell the stories that go with every photo I have taken.




For now however, I have spent a great many hours (usually in hotel rooms) adding captions for each and every photo. Below every image on my website you will see a comment. This will range from how I took the photo, to what it is, or to some interesting or curious story behind it. With my Burma collection I have included details which an expected traveller will find (hopefully) of use, including place names and locations. Each and every image on my site is also tagged with keywords. This means you can SEARCH my entire site for photos of relevance. For example, if you were to search any of the following words: "Balloon, temple, orange, sunset, silhouette, mist..." then the below photo would be found, among many others of similar specification.




The keywords for every photo can also be viewed directly from the photo page - on the right hand side select "INFO". All of the keywords set for this particular photo will be in standard HTML tag (blue), and by clicking any one this will show you ALL photos with that tag. For example, the below photo will show "orange" as a tag. Click the BLUE "orange" link and this will show you ALL of my orange photos on my website. Great if you are looking for something specific!




Lastly. To share my excitement with my new photo collection, I am offering 25% off ANYTHING in the Burma gallery. Be that prints, frames, canvases, metallic prints, acrylics or prints on wooden boards. All are printed in some of the top professional laboratories around the world (Yes, I have gone international... please read on!). Nothing is printed on the cheap, at home or on the high-street. So for any photo in my Burma album, here is 25% off until the end of June...


For 25% OFF all products in the Burma Gallery - Use Coupon Code = BURMA2014






Announcing new products, currencies and location options!!


I am delighted to announce that I have been working hard at integrating truly international sales into my website. From today, you can now choose from new regions: USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (as well as my current UK and EU regions). I have now set up professional printing partners in these respected countries who will now fulfil orders directly from my website. You will be given the option when you wish to purchase anything from my website: Firstly which region you are in (UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Rest of World), and secondly which currency you wish to use... GBP, EURO, USD, CAD, AUD.


New CountriesNew Countries

You will then be able to view my entire site in your chosen currency and region. This means your prints will be produced locally, and shipped locally. Meaning far better prices for you and a considerably reduced carbon footprint for my photography!!



PLEASE NOTE: Changing between currencies and regions is NOT a currency conversion of my prices. EVERY region uses a different printing company (local to you), and each has different prices and slightly difference products. I have carefully selected all of my products on offer to be as universal as I can, but some regions do have more on offer than others.


Framing GalleryFraming Gallery


I am also very excited to announce a new and completely functional online framing service, which is now available to UK, EU, USA, Canada and Australia/New Zealand customers!

It's a little different, but very user friendly. If you are in UK or EU you will see an option to 'Buy Framed Prints'. Dead easy. You can then choose and change which frame you would like, which colour mount, how many and even change the cropping and size of your photo in the frame.

For USA, Canada and Oz/NZ customers, you can do exactly the same, but you wont see an option to 'Buy Framed Prints'. Instead you just chose 'Buy Prints' and when you get to the shopping cart, you will be given an option to FRAME IT!! Click yes!

Here is a few digital (ie, computer) previews of what the new framing service on my website is like. The quality is excellent (professional) and most importantly, it is affordable. AND what's more there is 25% OFF all of this if you use the following code in your shopping cart: burma2014


Monk StepsMonk Steps

Please note: My water mark logo in the bottom right of each picture will NOT print on anything you buy. It is purely for my online protection!



Bagan BalloonsBagan Balloons


I really hope you enjoy browsing though this collection. It is one of my favourites to date. As always, if you would like to ask or discuss anything about the trip, my photography or advice on travelling in Burma, then please feel free to contact me. What's more, if you would be kind enough to take the time to like, share and comment on these photos as you see fit, then I would be extremely grateful.


Thank you, and enjoy.


Burma GalleryBurma Gallery


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