Andy Ferrington Photography | Best of Europe
This is my collection bringing together the best of Europe. Being my home turf I have quite a bit of material from this continent. Never quite as exotic as far flung corners of Asia and Africa, but it has some of the greatest diversity and history of all the continents. It ranges from the Irish mountains to the Greek islands, with Spetses and Hydra being among my favourites.
Rainbow-Spetses-3Paris-Louvre-2The South WindowPorte D'IvryParis Side StreetDublin QuaysBirds Eye ViewCrane Number 31Bray-Beach-RainbowSpetses-Greece-3Castle SkylineRailway-TracksBarcelona-StreetsBarcelona-MapOver the LiffeyLondon-BridgeBray-RainbowBrunel-Suspension-BridgeTurin-Streets-4Butlers-Wharf-London-3