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Kenya has, and always will, have a very special place in my heart. I have made some 10 trips to and from Kenya in the last several years. It all started with GVI (Global Vision International) when I volunteered on a construction project in Tsavo West National Park, in the remote border town of Taveta. I started as a volunteer, earned an internship, become a staff member, and now even helping set up a new and independent NGO in Taveta:

These galleries are split into: Best of Africa, People, Landscapes and Wildlife. The latter is pulled together from various safaris and side-trips from project work across Kenya. Also including safaris in Zambia, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Botswana's amazing Chobe National Park.
People: This is pulled together from thousands of images I have from numerous projects in Taveta, Kenya. Including remote tribal villages on the border of Tsavo West National park, and ex-poaching communities.


Last September was an opportunity to spend two weeks in Egypt. One weeks travelling, and a second week as a chill out holiday.
Into Cairo for a few days (crazy city) seeing the sites and generally trying to stay out of trouble. Then it was an overnight (17 hours) train journey south to Aswan. Home of the famous African High Damn. A perfect opportunity to visit the temples on the islands and a Nile Cruise.
Plans turn sour as they do travelling, the intentions were to cross the Red Sea, and follow Moses footsteps to Mount Sinai. Before relaxing and Scuba Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh. But apparently the only boat that was doing the trip was indeed broken…
Plan B saw us chilling in Hurghada, on the Red Sea.
Returning North to Luxor. My favourite place of all. Stunningly beautiful temples, and fascinating history and culture.

Watching the Egyptian sun set over the Nile, sipping a Cuba Libre, gently smoking a Shisha Pipe and dreaming of the mysteries of Hatchepsut….
Dusty-Road-Kenya-3Sunset PerchFollow The LeaderVoyager ReflectionsJungle-LookoutOn the HorizonThe StareInto the DustThe Stripes through the Trees.Eye to EyeElephant PortraitNight WalkGiraffe-PortraitSweeeeeets!Mr SeriousHands OpenAfrican-Elephant-SideBuilding-Africa-SilhouetteChumvini-SchoolDusty-Road-Kenya-2-2