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Kenya has, and always will, have a very special place in my heart. I have made some 10 trips to and from Kenya in the last several years. It all started with GVI (Global Vision International) when I volunteered on a construction project in Tsavo West National Park, in the remote border town of Taveta. I started as a volunteer, earned an internship, become a staff member, and now even helping set up a new and independent NGO in Taveta:

These galleries are split into: Best of Africa, People, Landscapes and Wildlife. The latter is pulled together from various safaris and side-trips from project work across Kenya. Also including safaris in Zambia, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Botswana's amazing Chobe National Park.
People: This is pulled together from thousands of images I have from numerous projects in Taveta, Kenya. Including remote tribal villages on the border of Tsavo West National park, and ex-poaching communities.
Tankini-Portrait-2Building AfricaSmile!4Africa-WindowHands OpenGVI-Olives-KenyaMr Serious4Africa-Mtakuja-3School Portrait4Africa-Mtakuja-2Take A Picture!!!4Africa-MtakujaBuilding-Africa-SilhouetteChumvini-GirlsChumvini-School-2Chumvini-School-3Chumvini-School-4Chumvini-SchoolForest-Walk-KakamegaGoal-Keeper