Andy Ferrington Photography | 4Africa

As co-founder of our new and exciting "4Africa" NGO in Kenya, we are seeking donations to fund our third project... 2 new classrooms for Tankini Primary School.
As a photographer, and driven by a vision to seek new and exciting ways to fund-raise for these projects, I am delighted to offer a selection of my best Kenya images here. I have arranged a new supplier who will produce these high quality products to maximise the profits... ALL OF WHICH WILL GO TO 4AFRICA PROJECT 3.

I stress, I am not making any money from these. We take the cost of printing and postage (free in Ireland) and donate 100% of that to the materials required for 2 Primary School Classrooms:

Where it goes:

  • Smart Phone Wallpaper = 1x Bag of Cement

  • 30x20cm Canvas = 3x Bags of Cement

  • 60x40cm Canvas = 1x Desk + 100x Building Blocks

  • 90x60cm Canvas = 2x Desks + 2x Bags of Cement

  • 16x12" Framed Print = 200x Building Blocks

  • 20x16" Framed Print = 4x Bags of Cement

About 4Africa:

The aim of this Non-Profit Organization is to provide critical infrastructure to rural communities in this harsh region of Kenya. Critical infrastructure comprises schools, water access points, medical facilities and facilities to improve access to food. Research is currently being undertaken in the Taveta area to determine which facilities exist, in which community and what the priorities are for the communities in this region. This research will highlight those facilities required to improve access to basic human needs such as water, food, medical care and education. We will then endeavor to fulfill these community requirements through fundraising, field work and capacity building programs. “4frica” is a temporary name which we will operate under for the foreseeable future until an official name is set. You can read more about who we are here.