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Finally. After nearly 4 years of development, and the last 12 months of hard work and hundreds of computer hours... my new website is up and running. I also have a new domain: But is also in use for my website. So both can be used. 


It has been a long journey, and a gruelling challenge, but as a photographer it has been worth it. The website is actually the end result of a much bigger project, my 'Image Library Project', which I embarked upon 12 months ago.

Before last year I had 51,058 photos in my image library. Not only that, but they were spread all over no end of folders, sub-folders, DVDs, CDs and hard-drives. Enough was enough. It was now or never. So I started, and 12 months later I have a fully organised image library, twin back-ups, a portfolio and a final-cut of each gallery. But the best bit, and the biggest drain of computer hours, is that my final cut (615) are all fine-edited, and hence print ready, 'keyworded', named and captioned. Add on another few months of web design work, and I had reached my end goal... my new website.

New WebsiteNew Website


Since I created my very first website, nearly 5 years ago, I have been at odds with one niggling issue as a result of being both a photographer and a pilot. I spend a huge amount of time in the air, away travelling and in hotels with suspect internet connections. As a result I was always apprehensive about being able to provide a professional service and time-frame which a modern day internet audience has come to accept as standard. My vision was to have an online platform where everything took care of itself. Where a customer could view all of my images on offer, choose their product, customise as appropriate, make changes to their order and pay. Well I have managed just that, as all of my photos are fine-edited and print ready as you see them on screen. Once purchased, they fire direct to my partner professional laboratories, where they are expertly printed and sent direct to my customer.





My new website is now a fully functional shop and online sales platform. Viewers and customers can browse my custom created product catalog, choose their products and photo, and customise the appearance of the final product on the screen before ordering. You can now select which region you are ordering to, which currency (EURO and GBP at this stage) you would like to pay in and even whether to view image sizes in INCHES or CENTIMETRES. 




I very much look forward to developing and constantly improving my website over the coming months and years. I already have some new ideas I want to implement. But more than anything, now the 12 months of constant computer and lightroom work are over, I am most looking forward to getting behind the camera and shooting new material!




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