About Me

I fell in love with the world of photography 12 years ago and set out on a journey of discovering the world through the lens of a camera. Photography is my passion, and not my job. And that makes it even more enjoyable! I am always open to potential commissions or photography contracts, so if you feel my style suits your purpose please feel free to drop me an email.

Photography is something I've loved exploring since I got my first film SLR from my Dad aged 16. One of my previous jobs was running a photography laboratory as well as selling cameras and kit during the time of the digital revolution.

More than anything, my passion lies with travel and landscape photography, with people and portrait shots every now and then as you will see when browsing through my albums. To date I have close to 50,000 in digital library images and that's not including my years shooting 35mm Film and Slide!

I've loved to travel since I turned 16, and have been lucky enough to have undertaken several incredible trips and expeditions over the past years, always accompanied with a camera.

Among my favourite subjects at school / college was Art and Graphic Design. I qualified with an AVCE in Art and Design and spent many hours making pin-hole cameras from beer cans and developing my own black and white prints in the dark room at school.

My career passion then went another way and rather than the traditional university route I undertook professional pilot training in Jerez, Spain.

I now fly as a First Officer for a European airline, originally from a place between Bristol and Bath, but now based in Dublin, Ireland. Although I move about all over the place these days!

Photographic Equipment and Techniques:

Originally a Canon man, I spent several years shooting 35mm film, both colour C41, E6 slide, black and white and cross processing slide, with a number of Canon film SLRs.

One of my early cameras became very well travelled until a very unfortunate night on a bus in Bolivia. That night it miraculously disappeared as we were surrounded by a road block of drunken Bolivian miners throwing TNT Dynamite and waving machetes….

The only positive was I never carry my film with the camera so only a few shots were actually lost…the famous lost shots...

My film years were soon to be replaced by my first DSLR, the mighty Canon EOS 300D. A serious workhorse camera that has produced a huge number of shots for me, a lot of which are still in the galleries today.

Nowadays I shoot with my Nikon D700 and D200, accompanied with Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 landscape lens, Nikon 24-120mm f4 VR and Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 and my favourite prime… the Nikon 50mm f1.8.

Also in the bag are a few tripods/monopods, Nikon SB-600 Speed light, Nissin Flash Unit, Lee soft grad filters, circular polarisers, wireless triggers, macro extension tubes, MD100 Grip and topped off with the mighty Macbook Pro for image processing.

I shoot RAW on the Nikon and use Adobe Lightroom 4 for my work flow. My editing nowadays is only really RAW processing and ‘tweaking’ exposures and contrasts.

I very rarely use Photoshop now, unless for larger work jobs, batch processing and the occasional HDR or panoramic photo merge.

I still experiment with film and slide to C41 cross processing using my Grandad’s Mamiya NC-1000s manual SLR, and the beautiful classic Olympus OM10 (my Dad got me hooked 15 years ago) I've got to be honest….it's still so much more enjoyable than the digital !!!